It’s time for your hot dog to chill out! This handmade loop-style scarf is made of high tech fabric that becomes cool to the touch when activated with water.


Just pour some water on--at home or on the go from your water bottle--wring out the excess, shake it to activate the cooling evaporative properties, and pull it over your pup's head. The scarf can help your dog stay cool while out and about or cool off. 

It will stay cool anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 or more hours, depending on the weather and your pup's activity level. When the scarf is no longer cool, you can take it off and rewet/wring it out to reactivate.

Frosty Lilac cooling scarf

  • All sizing is in inches and is precise, custom-tailored for your dog.  Please measure the circumference of your dog's neck like you would for a collar and select that as the size.  Add 1-2 inches to the size if your dog has a fluffy coat (for example, doodles, keeshonds, and pomeranians).  If you have sizing questions please email us at or DM us on Instagram @polarpupco before placing your order.  When in doubt, size up!