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About Polar Pup Co.


About Polar Pup Co.

Like every devoted pet parent, it's always upsetting for me to see my dogs, Lexi and Luna, suffering when they get hot.  It doesn't even take much.  Twelve year-old Lexi starts overheating if it's over 70 degrees.  With her thick black doodle coat, Luna gets hot whenever the sun is really bright.  Both dogs get so hot in the car while we're waiting for the air conditioning to kick in.

One day in May 2020, I had Luna out on a short (1.5 mile) hike.  It was in the low 80s (hot, but not too hot, in my mind), but we were on a trail with no shade.  Poor Luna got so hot, she drank almost all the water I was carrying and had to stop every few paces to rest.

I tried to find a product to keep my pups cool.  Everything I saw was either high performance vests clearly designed for epic adventures, or bandanas that were basically the equivalent of strapping an ice pack to your dog's neck.

I wanted something convenient, not just for hiking but for neighborhood walks, little outings, or just hanging out outside; I definitely didn't want to worry about putting a bandana in the freezer for hours.

I wasn't satisfied with what was out there, so I decided to create my own.  I found high-tech fabric that becomes cool to the touch when soaked (or doused) in water.  I bought a sewing machine, taught myself to sew, and experimented with dozens of designs before settling on a simple loop-style.

I tested the product on my dogs and found that it actually worked.  I sent the scarves out to friends and a group of dog moms I met through Instagram.  Everyone loved them.  I'm excited to share them with hot dogs everywhere!

Stay cool, friends!


Lexi, Luna, and Kathryn

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